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Is style an investment? Yes, it is!

This past week I was reminded why I love to do what I do. I had a client with an unexpected expense happen that was unfortunately going to take away from her wardrobe budget she was so excited to use this coming season. She was ready to cancel our session together, but I knew she needed my help. She is beautiful and charismatic and has great style but was craving a refresh so there was no way I was going to leave her hanging! I quickly suggested an in-home style session in place of shopping to review what she already owns and create enough outfits to get her through the next month before the weather turns. In a little over an hour we put together 15 looks she could easily rotate, swap pieces here and there, and wear for a whole month straight without spending a dime on new items. The energy and excitement in the room as we dressed her and put looks together was priceless and worth every minute. I could see her confidence shine through each outfit because she felt good and looked so chic in her updated wardrobe. No more stress of getting ready in the morning because she was armed with a variety of looks to choose from. We even found a brand-new pair of metallic Gucci-like loafers hidden in the back of her closet for her to add to the mix. She had never worn these shoes she was gifted because she wasn't sure how to wear them and now, she has a pair of statement shoes to wear from work to weekend. All she needed was a fresh eye to re-work some items and voila! a whole new wardrobe to wear.

There is often a misconception that hiring a personal stylist is only for the elite and wealthy and I am here to tell you that is not true. I have a mix of clients from various backgrounds and lifestyles. Some may only need one clean swoop of their closet and shop once a year to others wanting an update every season to others requiring year-round styling. I tailor my services to my client's lifestyle and budget. Each person comes from a different economical background, but they all want the same thing-to look good because they feel good. Sometimes it's just about getting organized and being able to see every piece in your closet to ease the process of getting ready. This is where a closet refresh or detox is best. Other times it's about finding the right pieces suited for your body type that are flattering and show off your best assets. A mix of styling and shopping experiences are best here.

If you feel overwhelmed with getting ready for an important work meeting, night out or special event and/or tend to reach for the same few items day in and day out--without feeling empowered or confident--it is time to hire a personal stylist to help re-vamp your style. Dressing well is an investment in yourself. Everyone notices. It doesn't have to be Mel Rose you hire but, I guarantee if you do, you won't be disappointed.

Keep Shining,


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