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What my clients say about my services is ultimately what matters. If they look and feel good after our sessions together, then I have done my job. Here is what they are saying about Mel Rose Style.

Statement jacket on point ⚡️🖤⭐️ •_•_•_•

 "Melissa took me shopping and found me pieces I would normally not pick out for myself. She helped me think outside the box. I have expensive taste, but I don’t have the budget to splurge on everything I like. Melissa was able to help me narrow down my choices and find me a few key pieces that are now staples in my closet. She is easy to work with, has a great eye for fashion, and offers honest advice on what looks best on you without any pressure to buy. I highly recommend her styling services!" Sarah Elisabeth


"Working with Melissa is a breeze, and fun! Going through your clothes (when you have way too many, like me) is a daunting task.  She helped me organize items to donate and sell then whisked them off for me. Wait, there’s more - she even sent me a detailed spreadsheet which indicated where everything was, the price, and the amount of commission I would receive.  And let me tell you, she is efficient! We got so much done in very little time. After we weeded through the items I no longer wanted or needed, she helped me organize my pieces, work through how to put them together in ways that I wouldn’t have thought of, and  determine what other pieces I may need to add to my collection. She does it all!  And with style." Lauren V.


"Getting packed and ready for trips around the world or to NYFW used to be stressful; but, now it’s fun and easy when in the hands of Mel Rose Style. 
Melissa helps me shop and plan out my outfits so that I’m always stylish and comfortable and, more importantly, happy when I look back at my vacation photos!
Melissa’s impeccable planning and communication helped make my recent trip to New York Fashion Week unforgettable. She obviously loves what she does. When you find yourself at the same show as Anna Wintour (VOGUE Editor-in-Chief), you know you need to look your best and Mel Rose Style has got your back!"  Sarah C.


"I was thrilled with the services from Mel Rose Style--prompt follow-up to my inquiry and quick scheduling. Melissa was excellent! She understood my style and helped me enhance it with great additional pieces to my existing wardrobe. She is a terrific shopper and I'm so pleased with her work. As a busy mom who works full-time it's great to know that Melissa will help me looking great for years to come. - Shelby.

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I attended Mel's holiday swap event. She had so many beautiful timeless luxury consignment items. She has a great eye for detail, choosing colors schemes, matching tops and bottoms, and more! This swap was the best consignment shopping I've ever done in Seattle!!! Give her a call!- Jo

💜summer blooms 💜 #popofcolor #boldcolo

Melissa has a true talent for pairing fashion with her client’s lifestyle. I’m not particularly in to dressing up on a daily basis but she found several easy care and versatile pieces that make my wardrobe look in style while being realistic for my on the go pace. She has an eye for fashion and is amazing to work with- I highly recommend working with Mel Rose Style! - Felicia H.

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